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Helena Bonham Carter rates different body parts

Helena Bonham Carter describes a Ralph & Russo dress she wore for a photoshoot with Britain's Harper's Bazaar as a "real work of art".

Different parts of Helena Bonham Carter's body are different ages.

The British actress may be 49, but could be mistaken for in her 30s thanks to her youthful appearance. Although she turns 50 later this month (16), Helena feels some areas of her anatomy appear either younger or older than her actual age.

"You can't worry about things you can't do anything about," she shrugged to Britain's Harper's Bazaar magazine. "Bits of me are different ages, anyway, my knees are really ancient, I've always had terrible eyes and a terrible back. My arms and tummy are quite good... You know, it's all down to the lighting. Sometimes you can look marvellous and sometimes you look terrible. But you don't have to look at yourself."

Along with her impeccable performance skills, Helena is famous for her quirky style. Never one to follow trends, the brunette star is guaranteed to make a statement in an unusual number while on the red carpet.

For her photoshoot to accompany her Harper's Bazaar interview Helena wore an array of gorgeous pieces, one of which stood out.

"I had this enormous Ralph & Russo dress with amazing ruffles and a pretty indestructible corset - a real work of art," she gushed.

She previously explained that she's never felt comfortable in what everyone else wears, so she doesn't bother to try and fit in. Helena isn't one to diet either, so you'll never hear her worrying about what food to eat to keep in shape.

"I love food," she previously confessed to Britain's Stylist magazine. "Elizabeth Taylor once said you have to choose between the body and the face at some point and I think she was right. I did diet when I was younger but now I just eat. I don’t overeat though. I’m rounder, but I think it does help the face."

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