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Hendricks ‘accentuates hourglass’

Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant has spoken about her favorite ensembles on the show.

The flame-haired actress plays office manager Joan Harris in the hit TV show, created by Matthew Weiner.

Costume designer Janie Bryant is in charge of giving each character their distinct looks. One outfit which stands out on Joan is a purple waistcoat worn with a matching coloured blouse and skirt.

Speaking about the ensemble Janie revealed how she and Christina approached the bold look.

“This [purple ensemble] is one of my favourite costumes of all time. This season [six] for Joan was really interesting because she has now totally arrived in her career. I talked to Matthew Weiner about it, as I felt this was the season that Joan could progress and move forward in time, because she would have the money and the access to buying things that were more modern,” she told British magazine Glamour.

“Christina and I joke that Joan always buys her clothes two sizes too small and she’s always accentuating the hourglass, even though ‘60s fashion wasn’t always about that, it’s more late ‘50s period. Joan’s costumes are always very fitted and the menswear-style vest and skirt combination was very popular in the ‘60s.

Janie also has a favourite look Peggy Olson, played by Elisabeth Moss. She wears a green tartan-patterned dress with ruffles down the front in seasons two and three.

“It’s so modestly Peggy. I always saw her as a very textured and layered character, so I loved the idea of her having some kind of print of texture to her fabric that mimics the complexity of her character,” Janie shared.

“The pleated skirt, the high collar, it’s all about her modest nature, and it’s very professional. This is the iconic Peggy dress.”

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