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Hendricks: I’ve had enough of updos!

Christina Hendricks “tried for years” to get Mad Men producers to let her character Joan wear her hair down, to no avail.

The 39-year-old actress’s alter ego Joan Holloway was well known during the show’s seven seasons for her fiery red locks, which were always swept up in a voluminous style.

But while Christina eventually grew to love Joan’s signature look, she fought in vain with producers “for years” to get them to let her wear her hair down.

“One thing I tried for years and was told no every time was I wanted her to have her hair down. And my boss said, ‘Women find a style they like and they stick to it,’ and I went, ‘That’s the craziest thing – my girlfriends and I are changing our colours and cuts all the time,’” she told People magazine.

“Now I’m glad, because it ended up being her look. I think I’ve had every possible updo known to man over the past seven years.”

Speaking of the often complicated styles sported over the years, Christina revealed some were much less time consuming to create than others. She could be in the hairdresser’s chair for anywhere from 35 minutes to a whopping three hours having her tresses styled.

“In the beginning it was very tight and very sprayed, and by the sixth season I was like, ‘Come on, she’s going to a party. Can’t we just loosen it? How about a little more Brigitte Bardot?’ But there was very little wiggle room – they watched my hair like a hawk,” she laughed, adding, “I heard there was a threat at one point that if I kept asking to put my hair down, they were just going to chop it off.”

Christina has moved on from Joan by dyeing her hair blonde since filming recently wrapped on the seventh and final season of the hit show. However, she has taken some fashion pointers from her stylish character.

“I learned so many things from Janie Bryant, our costume designer, about tailoring, about fit and the things that really suit you,” she revealed. “I’ve learned to take the things that I love from all those elements and take it back into the shapes and silhouettes that work so well for me on the show, and sort of blend the two in my real life.”

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