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Henry Cavill: Friends mock my style

Henry Cavill thinks it's unfair that people make assumptions about men who wear polo necks.

The 31-year-old actor is considered a heartthrob thanks to his chiselled features and burgeoning muscles, which he shows off as Clark Kent / Superman on the silver screen.

However, his ever-changing physique means not all the clothes in his wardrobe fit at the same time, so Henry resorts to mixing newer and older pieces.

“I’m buying new clothes every year. I’m bigger than I was in the first Superman film [Man of Steel], so I don’t fit the same clothes I did then. And when I was doing The Man From U.N.C.L.E., I was smaller, so it’s a constant shift in body size and shape. It’s fun, but you’ve got to have a big closet, so you can leave stuff in there and go, ‘Oh, back to that size again – I can wear that sweater,'" he explained to British magazine ShortList.

“But I never throw stuff away because I’ve changed size. Things I’ve loved, I’ve worn so much I’ve had to get rid. I’ll love something so much, I still see it the way it initially was, and then a friend will say, ‘Why do you dress like a homeless person? Look at your f**king clothes, mate.’ And then you realise that the T-shirt you adore has four holes in it. And that pair of jeans no longer has a fashionable rip; it’s just your knee hanging out."

He especially loves the suits he wears for The Man From U.N.C.L.E., in which he plays 1960s CIA agent Napoleon Solo. Henry is a big fan of the fashion from the era and enjoyed the "flair" of his two-pieces.

The Brit also shared his love of polo necks and doesn't think the assumption people make about them is true.

"There’s this attitude towards polo necks, where if you wear one, then all of a sudden you’re a d**khead. And it’s not fair, because polo necks look really good," he insisted. "It’s just a matter of people opening their minds to it. We can wear all sorts of stuff these days, so why not a polo neck?"

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