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Henry Cavill: I'm a Dunhill dude

Henry Cavill doesn't say "w**ky things" to motivate himself at the gym.

The British actor looks super suave in his new film The Man from U.N.C.L.E which opens this weekend. The 32-year-old loved his suited and booted wardrobe, and thinks every man should own a three-piece suit.

"Especially the bespoke one from Dunhill because it is the nuts," he told the British edition of Esquire. "They've sorted me out for this press tour and dude, it feels so good wearing a suit like that – I’m so lucky."

Henry certainly wears a suit well thanks to the workout regime for his most famous role, Superman. The star will reprise the character in next year's highly anticipated blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opposite Ben Affleck and he opens up to the publication about what it takes to get in superhero shape.

"Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. People always think 'I’m gonna workout' and then soon think 'Oh f**k, this is hard, I’m gonna stop' – don’t stop then! That’s the bit where you’re supposed to keep on going," he advised. "When it gets hard is when the real work starts happening. It's so worth it."

Despite his ripped physique, Henry admits he doesn't always manage to stay motivated. But if he needs a boost, he won't use cheesy lines to get himself there.

"I’m not good at it all the time; there are moments when I go 'You know what? Not today'," he continued. "But there are other times when it hurts and I go 'Yeah, that feels good.' Don't worry, I don’t say w**ky things like 'Feel the burn' or anything."

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