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Hold on to your undies, bra inspectors Trinny and Susannah are coming to Dublin

Ladies, watch your bra straps. Tighten the reins of your tummy-flattening undies. Yes, Trinny and Susannah have hit the town and will be at large in Dublin over the next four days.

The Style Academy -- a fashion-fest of shows and makeovers -- is taking place in a massive marquee in Merrion Square.

Day one kicked off in style and the white tent remained impervious to the elements as the big fashion show sucked in the city slickers working in the well-heeled environs of Fitzwilliam Square and Baggot Street.

Well-dressed women congregated to enjoy a lunchtime catwalk show and mosey about the Vogue Village where tonnes of ice cream, chocolate and champagne were being doled out. This is where you can walk in a size 12 and wobble out with a new size 14 figure.

Up on the giant stage, internationally renowned style gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine emerged to meet and greet the predominantly female audience. Trinny wore a grey puffball dress with black opaque tights and high metallic stilettos, while Susannah looked great in a sleek black jersey dress with a belt and strappy sandals.

"Don't be shy, dahlings," cajoled Trinny who was trying to entice some mere mortals to volunteer for a dressing down and a makeover.

"Come on! I want all the big-breasted women to stand up." A lot of women in the front row folded their arms and sat nervously as the glam gestapo scanned the upper bodies in front of them.

Eventually, two bra-vados got up on stage: Bronagh, who was wearing a plain purple jumper and pair of jeans, and Sharon who was in a zip-up sweatshirt with black denims.

Trinny checked out their figures and chest areas and described their shapes before packing them off backstage for an instant makeover. A short time later, they strutted out down the ramp to show off their new looks to the applause of the audience.

Bronagh looked terrific in a purple and green patterned dress and Sharon was transformed with her hair out of a pony tail, her glasses discarded and a fab figure-hugging wrap dress.

Trinny and Susannah are notoriously un-PC. They thrive on the shock factor and pulling women up by their proverbial garters. Their language is choice at times but they have a knack for transforming an image if not national boundaries.

"I think Irish women are the best dressed in the United Kingdom," they announced from the stage in their introduction.

This was met by a loud retort from a full-bodied female in the audience. "We are not part of the United Kingdom!"

"Oh sorry," said Trinny. "Our geography's not too good. We meant Northern Europe or whatever."

But they get a good laugh for being so dizzy at times.

Under the Style in the City canopy there are also luxury cosmetics like L'Oreal, Blue Eriu and Yon-Ka who have set up relaxing booths for make-overs and advice.

Paul Sheeran Jewellers has a kiosk for cleaning diamonds free of charge and a breathtaking display of stunning diamonds and exclusive watches from premium international designer brands.

Visitors also have the chance to walk away in style with a stunning diamond worth €5,000.

There's also clothing rails, lingerie pop-up boutiques and hair care at the Toni and Guy stand.

Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and BT's put on a glitzy show to give a taste of the style we all strive to afford this season.

And later on in the day, there were plenty of lost stylish souls volunteering for a public makeover and ready to take a dressing down under the critical eyes of Trinny and Susannah before getting glammed up in the latest fashions. They got to keep the outfits, too.

Over 15,000 fashion enthusiasts are expected over the next few days to seek expert advice on the hottest style and fashion tips, up-to-the-minute trends, beauty know-how, makeover tips and hairstyle advice.

Plus don't worry about your blow dry. Style in the City is a completely covered and rain-proof event.

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