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Hollywood skin doctor reveals star secrets

Dr. Howard Murad tells his celebrity clients to "treat themselves like royalty".

The dermatologist has a host of famous clients including actresses Kim Cattrall and Renée Zellwegger, both of whom are famed for looking younger than their years.

The skin doctor to the stars has revealed his top tips for getting Hollywood skin.

"The most important thinks you can do is make yourself the most important person in the world," he said on British TV show Lorraine. "Treat yourself like royalty."

Murad also emphasised the importance of hydrating skin.

However, rather than drinking more water as suggested by other dermatologists, he advises eating "water-rich foods".

"In 10 weeks you can be a whole new person," Murad revealed. "The secret is to attract water. Unfortunately it's not drinking water. Eat water-rich foods. For example raw food and vegetables. Basically the foods that are healthy for you."

Murad is so passionate about his water saturated diet that he has even penned a book entitled The Water Secret: The cellular breakthrough to look and feel 10 years younger.

The doctor also revealed his secret to creating a healthy relationship with his celebrity customers.

"I treat [my clients] as a person," he said simply. "The more you try to be perfect, the more you begin to feel like a failure."

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