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Holmes reminisces about hair

Katie Holmes is reminded of her daughter Suri when she thinks back to having short hair.

The American actress had her locks chopped off shortly after giving birth to her and Tom Cruise's daughter Suri in 2006.

While she loved the style, Katie gets overwhelmed when reminiscing about it as it reminds her of how much has changed over the years.

"I got the short hair when I was a new mom. So when I think about that cut, I think about my little one when she was that age and, of course, it makes me cry," she revealed to "She's so grown up now and she was so sweet at that age - and still is obviously. But I don't know if I'll go back to it at this point because I like the versatility of long hair."

Katie is known for her youthful, flawless looking skin. The 34-year-old star relies on simple remedies to maintain her looks and tries to do them all regularly in order to keep the results.

"I do drink a lot of water. I work out a lot," she explained. "I get a facial once a week. I try to, especially in the city, stay moisturised. It can be so drying."

She then discussed the beauty icons she looks to for inspiration. Her choices vary from a former supermodel to youngsters, whose fresh outlook on life excites her.

"Lauren Hutton. Obviously, she's stunning but what she does and believes in is so beautiful. Hillary Clinton. My mother and every person under the age of five. I just learn so much from children, and they're so beautiful and should be celebrated every day," she explained.

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