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Hudson’s vanity diet

Kate Hudson thinks women work out because they want to look fabulous in their jeans.

The American actress looks gorgeous, even after giving birth to her two kids Bingham and Ryder.

While being healthy is important to her, the 34-year-old admits that dragging herself to the gym is more about vanity.

"No one forces themselves out of bed at half past six in the morning just because they want to be fit," she laughed to German Shape magazine.

"We want to fit into our jeans and look fabulous!"

Kate is kept busy with her filming schedule and has movies Born to Be King, Good People and Wish I Was Here out next year.

Despite her hectic working life, the pretty blonde has found a way to stay on top of her workout regime.

"My new thing is to constantly carry a jump rope," she explained.

"Whenever I get a little break, I do two sets of 150 jumps in quick succession."

Kate admits she's not one of those lucky women who can eat whatever they like and stay slim.

She has to go for a rather more drastic approach to stay at her ideal weight.

"Twice a year I detox with a week-long juice diet," she revealed, adding she calorie counts the rest of the time.

"It's the only thing that works for me."

She might be careful about her diet, but Kate does allow herself some treats.

When she's watching her favourite show Downton Abbey with her Muse frontman fiancé Matt Bellamy, the star tucks into a packet of crisps.

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