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Hugh Jackman planning rose diet

Hugh Jackman has joked that he'll keep his physique on holiday by dinking rosé at six in the morning.

The Australian actor is famed for his impressively muscular body and regularly trains to maintain it. The 42-year-old hunk is planning on taking a holiday for a month soon and is worried about how his honed body will fare.

Hugh has teased that he'll stick to a particular bodybuilding method while still enjoying a tipple.

"It doesn't. It sucks," he replied when asked how his gym routine will fit in with his vacation.

"It absolutely does not work. But there's a bodybuilding theory that you can drink before noon and still stay in shape. It's given me the idea for a plan. I'm going to wake up at six and start drinking rosé - then I'll train in the afternoon!"

Hugh is renowned for playing Wolverine in the X-Men movie franchise. In order to portray the character, Hugh increases his muscle mass with rigorous training.

The Hollywood hunk thinks his gym routine for the part is sometimes a little "brutal".

"I'm a naturally skinny guy - genetics are not on my side with this thing - so I have to eat like a horse," he revealed in Empire magazine.

"I struggle with that. But at the same time, there is a high from how fit and strong you feel. And usually I'm doing it on another job, so I'm training at 4.30 in the morning and it's brutal. It's nice to be able to just focus on the bench-pressing."

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