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Hugh Jackman’s movie hair trends

Hugh Jackman thinks the hair he had while portraying his Les Misérables character was one of the most “low maintenance” styles of his career.

The Australian actor has sported many different haircuts and styles during his long career. And while promoting his latest movie, Chappie, he took the time to rate the looks from some of his best known roles, starting with his X-Men character.

“That's the most high-maintenance haircut of all," he explained to Entertainment Tonight. "I'm singly responsible for the hole in the ozone layer with the amount of hairspray I've used."

Wolverine’s hair is full and perfectly coiffed, hence the need for all the lacquer. But one look that was the polar opposite in terms of day-to-day upkeep was his acclaimed role in Les Misérables as Jean Valjean. For this part, Hugh sported a beard and scraggily shaven head for a number of scenes, which he liked.

“I'm going be honest, you know why I love this haircut? Low maintenance," he continued. "Typical man. Low maintenance."

For his latest outing as Vincent Moore in Chappie, the 46-year-old rocks a mullet. While often criticised, Hugh hopes the style made famous in the 80s will make a comeback once he’s seen on screen with one.

“Business in front, party in the back," he joked. "Rock the mullet. You know you want to."

However when it comes to going incognito, there’s only one hairstyle that the father-of-two found to be of help, and that’s Blackbeard’s from upcoming flick, Pan.

“Three days spent in Disney World with my daughter and her friends for her birthday, and I got recognised twice," he revealed. "One of those times was to be asked for drugs. It was perfect."

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