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Hugh Laurie: Modelling isn't hard

Hugh Laurie doesn't understand why some think being a model is difficult.

The British actor was recently unveiled as the face of L'Oréal Paris Men Expert products. Hugh says the beauty industry is a fickle one, and is fed up of catwalk stars complaining about their somewhat privileged lives.

When probed about supermodels complaining about juggling their careers and motherhood, Hugh had no sympathy.

"I mean, really," he asked the Sunday Times Style magazine. "Is it hard being a model? What about a checkout lady at Tesco and a mother? F*** off! Honestly."

Hugh was "flattered" that L'Oréal approached him to be their newest celebrity ambassador, although he doesn't say the company's signature catchphrase 'Because I'm worth it' in his advertisements.

Although he doesn't see a problem with being self-assured, Hugh feels bemused about why he should have the power to make such a bold statement.

"[I'm all for] taking pride in one's looks. There's nothing wrong with self-confidence," he confessed, before explaining the reasoning behind the absent L'Oréal line.

"The idea of placing a value on any human life is awfully tricky. I don't know if I'm qualified to say how much I'm worth. Worth what? What's the 'it'? It's a nameless 'it', deliberately, tantalisingly vague, which is... The average French geezer would know exactly what that meant."

Hugh remains modest and light-hearted about his recent. The 52-year-old star still finds it funny that he is the face of a beauty brand.

"[I] worry too much. [It's] surreal and absurd," he smiled.

Hugh has joined fellow Hollywood stars Gerard Butler and Patrick Dempsey, who are already ambassadors for the beauty giant.

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