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Huntington-Whiteley careful with cosmetics

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley hates being "worn" by make-up and clothes.

The British model-and-actress has a failsafe beauty regime when it comes to looking her best. The beauty is sparing with products.

"I don't like to be worn by make-up or worn by clothes," she told People.

"It's all about enhancing what you have. I want to feel as close to my natural self as I can at all times. So, unless I'm doing a crazy photo shoot, I want to feel like myself."

Rosie prefers a natural look. The 24-year-old shies away from colour on her lips.

"It's not my favourite piece of make-up," she revealed. "I don't [put] anything on my lips I think it can get a bit much."

Rosie has revealed her day-to-day routine. The stunning star is serious about the upkeep of her eyebrows above anything else.

"It's one thing that I always pay close attention to," she said. "If you can't afford to maintain your hair, don't dye it. I really am very conscious about wearing sun cream. I find it really important to religiously moisturise and exfoliate."

Rosie insists she can get ready in a reasonable amount of time. The gorgeous star doesn't fuss when it comes to preparing herself for the day ahead.

"It's not a long process because I don't like to spend a long time fussing over things," she revealed. "I give myself an hour-and-a-half [or] two-hour time frame from being naked to getting dressed and walking out the door."

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