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Hurley's hair horror

Elizabeth Hurley has always lusted after "thicker, wavy" locks.

The model-and-actress is famed for always looking glamorous and bouncy brunette locks are her trademark.

While she might look effortlessly gorgeous, Elizabeth insists it doesn't all come naturally.

"I've always wanted thicker, wavy hair - my hair is straight and fairly limp if I don't torture it!" she laughed to British magazine Star.

The 48-year-old is remembered for her role in the Austin Powers franchise, where she showed off her slim frame in a skin-tight catsuit.

While Elizabeth still looks great, she knows there are certain looks she can no longer get away with.

"Long gone are my days of wearing very short skirts!" she admitted.

"Over the years you learn what suits you. I've got fairly small hips so I usually go for a slinky look. Big skirts don't work on me."

Many stars may succumb to fad diets, but Elizabeth is happy with the way she looks.

The star simply cuts down her portion sizes when she feels her jeans are a little tight.

"I would definitely look better if I did more exercise, but I feel fine with my dress size!" she smiled.

"I weigh more now than I did before I had my son Damian, who is now 11, but it's not surprising as I eat more now.

"Once you've got kids you're forced to eat more regularly and I don't feel good if I skip meals."

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