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Inez van Lamsweerde: I won't shoot young models

Inez van Lamsweerde says it is "unethical" to shoot models who are under 18.

Photographer Inez and her husband Vinoodh Matadin have released a new book entitled, Pretty Much Everything.

The compilation celebrates their 26 years in the fashion photography industry and displays their most famous images.

The pair have learnt many lessons throughout their years in the business.

"We saw this happen to so many models, especially with girls. They start at 14 and everyone says to them, 'Wow, you're incredible. You're so skinny. You look like a boy.' And once that girl is 18 and her body is finished growing, all of a sudden it was like, 'Oh, she's fat,'" Inez told "The poor girl. She's just growing. We felt it was unethical to support that. You get judged anyway and it's not easy. You have to really know who you are first. And at such a tender age - between 14 and 18 - you're figuring out who you are."

The Dutch couple are well known for the sexuality and nudity in their images.

However, the duo maintain that the woman must always have a sense of power and control to create a stunning photograph.

"There's also a fascination with how beautiful human beings are. I think we could take an incredible picture of literally everybody," Inez revealed. "What is exciting for us is finding that one particular thing in someone that we find the most exciting and then heightening that and bringing that all out into the foreground."

The photographers have shot a wide range of the beautiful women including Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy and Guinevere Van Seenus.

But what really attracts them to their models is what lies beneath the surface,

"It's all about personality," Inez explained. "For instance, we love working with Raquel [Zimmermann] because she's someone that doesn't necessarily care whether she's beautiful in a picture. She has this incredible amount of trust and she's ready to be anything, because she's interested in the process of creating an image."

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