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Inside Miranda Lambert’s jewellery

Miranda Lambert’s mother Beverly has spoken about the country songstress’ love for jewellery.

The 31-year-old country songstress is currently performing shows as part of her North American Platinum Tour and she is selling three styles of custom Platinum-themed bracelets to fans who attend her concerts.

And Miranda’s mother Beverly has spoken about why the Kerosene singer decided to partner with Rustic Cuffs on the jewellery.

“Rustic Cuff has been sending Miranda cuffs for as far back as her career began,” Beverly, who also serves as Miranda’s merchandise manager, told People magazine. “On the Platinum Tour I noticed her nightly wardrobe included pieces from their collection. Miranda loves the pieces so much that I knew that fans would love them too. There are fans that wear the logo tees and caps but there are also fans that don’t wear that type of tour merch. They want something to represent their loyalty that is a little more subtle. The cuff is the perfect fit for them!”

Miranda, who is married to fellow country singer Blake Shelton, wears her own Platinum Rustic Cuffs often.

But she definitely has favourite pieces in her collection.

“Of course, it’s never in the jewellery box, but Miranda’s favourite piece of jewellery would most certainly be her wedding ring,” Beverly noted. “After that it’s a ring that my mother gave her a few years back on her birthday. It’s beautiful. She wears it to all awards show and calls it her ‘good luck charm.'”

Beverly revealed her daughter is inclined to treat herself to gorgeous jewellery every now and again.

However, Miranda also loves to receive special trinkets from others.

“[After her first big paycheck Miranda bought] a Tiffany’s celebration ring and then she bought a ring for me!” Beverly recalled, noting her daughter’s other half is more extravagant when it comes to jewellery style. “Blake’s taste for Miranda is unique — big and bold!”

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