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Irina Shayk: Russian women are hot

Irina Shayk has advised model scouts to travel to "Russian villages" to find new talent.

The model hails from the country and is proud of her roots. She thinks scouts would do well if they plumbed lesser known parts of Russia rather than sticking to the famous cites.

"Why are there so many hot Russian women? Because Russia is a big country with a big population. [Model talent] scouts go there a lot, you have to search not only the big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, but go deep inside Russia where village girls are," she suggested. "This is where the market is to look for the beautiful girls! Some people do say no to modelling though."

Irina totally understands why some young women turn down the chance to work in the industry. The 26-year-old won a beauty contest in 2004 which is when her career took off, but deciding to pursue her passion was a tough decision.

"When I won the [Miss Chelyabinsk] competition they told me, 'You go to Paris.' I say no, I would not. Because first of all I want to finish my education. But after a couple of months I decided to try it. It was a big decision to go from a tiny village to Paris," she told the February edition of Esquire magazine.

"You don't even speak English and you have no friends, to start some job you don't think you can do. It's a big shock for the brain."

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