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Iron Lady costumes 'ever-evolving'

The Iron Lady costume maker says Margaret Thatcher's style "changed over the years".

Jane Law studied the former British Prime Minister's outfits before creating costumes for the highly-anticipated movie, starring Meryl Streep.

Jane believes Margaret's style evolved on her political journey.

"She definitely changed her image over the years," Jane told the Evening Standard. "She obviously felt in the beginning that going to Parliament was an event so she did look like she was going to a wedding. But it was necessary to change her image because people were paying too much attention to her hats."

Jane worked with Oscar-nominated designer Consolata Boyle to create the wardrobe for Meryl.

The pair agreed that the politician became much more fashionable after she was elected as Prime Minister.

"Her power dressing period that followed [the Seventies] was quite a good one," Jane enthused. "Once she got the hang of it, there was no stopping her. Then people decided she was sexy, and she became rather attractive."

Director, Phyllida Lloyd revealed that costume was a crucial aspect of the film.

She believes that Margaret told her own story through her clothes and the colours she chose to wear.

"You see a colour palette of young Margaret in beautiful blue silk. And gradually that pale blue colour becomes a little darker, and then gradually when you see her become party leader you're getting more royal blue," Phyllida explained.

"Then gradually she enters a world of purples and tweeds around the Falklands. Then you see her suddenly at that Cabinet table with Geoffrey Howe, and she's wearing red, and on some subliminal level this tells you that something is wrong. When she leaves Downing Street in that red suit, to the sound of Bellini's Casta Diva, you feel she has become a tragic heroine in an opera."

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