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Jack Black enjoys Frisbee workouts

Jack Black keeps in shape by running after Frisbees like a dog.

The actor-and-singer has been working on a new album with his group Tenacious D recently. The record is called Rize of the Fenix and is due out in May, after which Jack and his bandmate Kyle Gass will play some live shows.

The pair work out together when they are on tour, although they have a different mode of exercising to most.

"When we're on the road we go for Frisbee workouts," Jack explained in an interview with Q magazine. "You know how dogs will run and catch a Frisbee with their teeth? Basically like that. Kyle will throw the Frisbee and I'll go chase it down and vice versa until we get a good lather going. But we don't go to the gymnasium together."

The pair have also started considering stage outfits. They are usually pretty casual when they play shows, but this time round they are thinking of going for something more eye catching.

"I have been thinking about getting a good look together for our next tour," Jack revealed.

"I wasn't thinking of leather [until you suggested it] but now that image is in my mind it is pretty funny. I would like to see you in leather, Kyle, but then we'd have to be in leather the whole f**king night and that's not going to happen."


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