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Jack Black: Man boobs are attractive

Jack Black thinks his "man boobs" will boost magazine sales.

The star and his Tenacious D band mate Kyle Gass are willing to take their shirts off to get noticed. The pair considered baring their chests when the clothes provided for a recent magazine photo shoot were too small. Jack claimed Kyle - who is nicknamed Rage Cage - needed larger sizes for the shoot with Kerrang magazine.

"The tragedy is, Cage requires a triple XL," he told the publication.

"But we can do this thing topless and show off our man boobs. Man boobs equals magazine sales, right?"

Instead they covered up, dressing up as famed rockers Axl and Slash, AC/DC , Queen and Ozzy Osbourne. The musical pair proved they aren't afraid to point out their flaws, with Kyle even making light of losing his hair.

When asked who has the best tresses, Kyle said: "Well, since Jack has the most hair...," to which Jack responded: "But it's not looking very good. I haven't had good hair days lately. You've got a good ring of fire going today."

Kyle also joked about getting older. He has entertained the thought of dying his hair to cover his greys.

"I was thinking of maybe toning down the grey a little bit, what do you think? For the tour, I mean," Kyle asked Jack who replied: "I think it would be cooler to go more white... yeah dude paint it white. like that clothing designer Karl Lagerfeld."


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