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Jada: Exercise keeps me sane

Jada Pinkett Smith feels better able to deal with life when she exercises.

The Gotham actress first met her spouse on the set of his hit TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air back in 1994, and the pair will be celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary on Wednesday. But even after so many years of marital bliss, Jada still loves impressing her beau with her efforts at the gym.

“When my husband of almost 20 years can’t take his eyes off me? That’s amazing,” she told Shape magazine.

However her other half’s appreciation isn’t the main reason that she exercises. For Jada, staying in shape helps her deal with any daily hurdles that come her way.

“But the number one reason I go to the gym is because it keeps me sane; I can deal with whatever’s coming at me,” she added.

The couple have two children together, son Jaden, 16 and daughter Willow, 14. But despite giving birth twice, Jada has somehow managed to retain a figure that women half her age would envy.

At five feet tall and 108 pounds, The Matrix actress is proud of her physique and oozes confidence.

“It’s an internal thing. I know that I’m petite but I never think like I am, ever," she explained. "The truth is, there are times when I feel as big and tall as Will!”

The 43-year-old has a no nonsense attitude, but her relationship with her family has helped her soften the toughness she had growing up.

“Often we feel in order to be strong we have to take on male attributes," she said. "I grew up on the streets of Baltimore and had to put out an energy that said, 'You do not want to mess with me.' But I’m okay. I feel safe now…I can focus on love, compassion, openness, and yes, vulnerability.”

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