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Jaime King: I don't do heels while pregnant

Jaime King doesn't understand why women want to wear heels when they're expecting.

The 36-year-old actress is mother to 19-month-old son James and she's currently expecting her second baby with husband Kyle Newman.

It means Jaime has learnt a thing or two about maternity style, and she's happy to share her tips with other mums to be.

"I’m not into wearing high heels when pregnant. I think it’s dangerous and avoid it as much as possible. I think I’ve worn high heels two or three times since I’ve been pregnant. As much as they make us feel more sexy, the one thing to understand is that the way that your hormones and the chemicals in your body change when you are pregnant really affect your balance," she told

Although Jaime doesn't believe in telling women what to wear as fashion is such a personal thing, she can't help but feel for women she sees in uncomfortable outfits while expecting. She cites Kim Kardashian, who is mum to 22-month-old daughter North, as someone she'd love to have seen loosen up.

"When I see someone like Kim Kardashian, who looks amazing and wears high heels pregnant, because I care about her, I want to take off her heels and give her a foot rub. I’m like, 'I just want to see you in a chic pair of Lanvin flats, because I don’t want to see you get hurt; I don’t want you to suffer for fashion,'" she explained. "But I know she loves heels and that’s what makes her feel beautiful, so everybody has the choice, but that is one thing I won’t do."

Jaime has turned designer thanks to a collaboration with Sapling, where she's creating baby clothes. The items will be available from August and the star is proud of them because she's been so involved in the process. She met the co-founder Peta Stinson online and was delighted that she was allowed such free rein.

"There are so many people now who do a 'collection', but it’s not really theirs; they are not actually doing it. And every single sketch, every single colour palette, every single thing that you see came from me and my heart, and so that’s something that was really important," she said.

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