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James Corden: Ditch the ego, guys

James Corden chose his clothes for life at 26.

The British star has become a global sensation after appearing in popular flicks such as Begin Again and Into the Woods, as well as his takeover of The Late Late Show earlier this year.

Since stepping up a level of fame, James has put more effort into his appearance and is a lot trimmer than he used to be. There are some areas he has no desire to change though.

"Vanity is not attractive, and male vanity is the worst. LA has a lot of dudes who have the same chiselled face," James, 36, told British Vogue. "I love clothes, but I'm one of those guys who made a choice aged 26: 'OK, this is what I'll wear until I die.'"

It's his trainer Brian who helps keep James fit, despite the actor hating every second of working out. He jokes that the fitness expert is so bulky that he looks as though he's constantly carrying carpets under his arms from the muscle.

James has always been drawn to performing and feels lucky to be living his dream, jokingly adding that it doesn't matter what other people think.

"I don't quite know where it comes from, my want and need for attention, but at least I'm honest about it," he grinned. "[I was initially] very reticent [about the talk show]. [Then] I thought, actually, there's a chance that it'll be the very thing I'm best at."

His attraction to the spotlight was evident in May, when he and David Beckham stripped to their underwear for a spoof photoshoot on James' show. The former soccer star models for the likes of Armani and H&M and James was in awe of the sportsman's physique.

"Being that close to him in his pants did make me feel that I should probably get in shape at some point in my life. Looking at him, it's ridiculous to think that technically we're the same species," he told British magazine Heat.

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