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James Franco: Fashion is like film

James Franco sees everyday fashion as "the wardrobe department on a film".

The Hollywood actor is no stranger to the style industry - he was first cast in a fragrance campaign for luxury fashion house Gucci in 2008 and was later made the face of the label's new men's made-to-measure service.

James also has a keen interest in art - and is currently promoting his latest exhibition Rebel. The star sees his movie career, fashion and art ventures as inter-linking.

"I see it as one more aspect of the world that I'm involved in. I think a lot of what I do, in whatever medium it might be, is grounded in my experiences as an actor on film. That's how I enter the professional world, through film. I'm used to certain working methods and collaboration with a lot of people. I'm used to making projects with people that are skilled in different areas. I'm used to coming up with ideas and then having them augmented through collaboration, or hearing other people's ideas. So fashion is basically, like, the wardrobe department on a film, but for life - for our characters in life," he told

The 34-year-old star thinks people miss the point of how closely film and fashion are related. James has explained why he agreed to be the face of Gucci.

"When I first signed with Gucci, I had an actor friend say, why would you want to do that? You're a serious actor. And I thought about it. Gucci has been incredibly supportive of art, [and] when I started working with them, I quickly realised that there isn't much difference between posing for Interview magazine to promote a movie, and then posing in Gucci clothes to promote Gucci," he said.

"They're both products that are using me. In photoshoots to promote movies, I'm already wearing Gucci, or high fashion clothes. The actual process wasn't different at all."

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