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James McAvoy won’t shave head

James McAvoy wouldn't let anyone shave his hair for the X-Men movies.

The Scottish star plays Charles Xavier in the franchise, which is back with the latest instalment X-Men: Days of Future Past this year.

Although his co-star Nicholas Hoult advised him that a shaved head may work better for the role, James was adamant his long locks would remain.

"I didn't lose any hair in X-Men: First Class. No, Nick says to me, when I first go to use Cerebro [fictional machine from the movie], 'Are you sure I can't shave your head because it'll work better'. And I say, 'Don't touch my f**king hair,'" James revealed to

"In this one I thought I'd be all bald, but I read the script and I have hair. I was very pleased. But that'll be a nice character development in the third movie, if we make a third movie."

James plays the younger version of Charles Xavier, with Patrick Stewart portraying the older Charles in earlier movies.

Patrick, who doesn't have a single hair on his head, and James star alongside each other in the new movie which brings together the original and new X-Men stars in a narrative that concentrates on the past and present of the Marvel characters.

James was over the moon he got to keep his longer hair thinks his current look is reminiscent of a part he's previously played

His retro styleis a bonus for 34-year-old James, who is a big fan of fashions form a bygone era.

"I feel like I'm back in The Last King of Scotland. I'm Nicholas Garrigan grown up, a 34-year-old Nicholas. I like it. Michael [Fassbender] hates the ‘70s years for clothing, I think. But I love it, I think it's brilliant," James exclaimed.

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