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Jamie Blackley confesses: I wear girls’ jeans

Jamie Blackley can often be seen in a pair of girls' jeans but won't be caught wearing a tie.

The British actor is currently starring alongside Chloë Grace Moretz in If I Stay, a tear-jerking drama about a young girl who ends up in a coma after a car accident.

Jamie's star is firmly rising in Hollywood, but he admits his fashion sense could do with a bit of work.

"[My go-to outfit is] girls' jeans, because my legs are too skinny for boys’ jeans, a T-shirt and a leather jacket. If I’ve got something to go to [in the evening], I’ll stick on a suit. I don’t usually wear ties, so I go for an open shirt. Keep it simple," he revealed to The Style Report.

While Jamie is from Britain, his work sees him fly all over the world.

Often he'll pack his suitcase in a rush when he gets a call for a film role, though his packing skills often leave him wondering if he's remembered everything.

"I don’t do a list. I just empty out the drawers – I’ll think I’ve left everything, but who knows?" he laughed.

Despite his laidback attitude to clothes, 23-year-old Jamie actually has a long list of male stars he looks up to for style inspiration.

They vary from '60s stars to more modern names, but they all have one theme in common - each one hails from a musical background.

"Matt Healy from [the band] The 1975 – he’s the one for me. I always loved the way The Beatles dressed, and Bob Dylan, and Ian Curtis from Joy Division. “[They’re] carefree, not looking like they’ve made too much effort, but still looking swish. That’s the way to be," he explained.

"Style is... whatever you feel comfortable in."

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