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Jamie Campbell Bower tired of tattoos

Jamie Campbell Bower had to spend longer than the girls in make-up for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

The British actor stars in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones as Jace, a 'Shadowhunter'.

A big part of the movie was applying tattoos across his entire body - something Jamie found very tedious.

"I'd actually be trying to get them off! I'd be like: 'Can we wear longer sleeves and gloves next time so that we don't have to have tattoos everywhere?" he laughed to Crave Online.

Co-star Lily Collins added: "I was the girl and I was only in hair and make-up for an hour and 15 and they were like four hours!"

While Jamie might not have enjoyed the time spent getting camera-ready, it hasn't put him off getting real inkings.

The 24-year-old has even been inspired to get body art based on the film.

"I have a chest tattoo, two arm and now fingers, back of my legs..." he listed.

"I am getting a Mortal Instruments one when I go back to London, my guys in London are gonna do it for me. It's a quote, it says: 'I am after all, what you made me,' which I think is from the fifth book."

Kevin Zegers also stars in the fantasy adventure.

He's tempted to get a permanent tattoo to make filming the upcoming instalments easier.

"I'd love to get the one on my neck. It kept peeling off and it was the bane of my existence, so if they told me were doing all six of these [films], I would get it and then pay to have it removed. That really means I won't be able to work, apart from on these films..." he jokingly mused.

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