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Jamie Oliver: Health food doesn't determine life expectancy

Jamie Oliver is a huge fan of nuts when it comes to nutritious snacks.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver thinks "cooking smart" is the key to living a long life, not eating super healthy foods.

The 40 year old has long been an advocate of providing people with high quality food education and in his new TV series Jamie's Super Food, he travels the globe spending time in communities with impressive longevity.

Jamie found there were a host of reasons why people live long lives, including social habits that help individuals maintain health.

“It’s not about goji berries and green drinks; it’s about cooking smart,” he explained in the Super Food promo.

One of the places Jamie got to visit was Ikaria, Greece and even though the residents there had little money, he thinks they live long because of their celebration of life.

The television personality explained when persons in the community are extremely ill, they are not ostracised in any way.

“The food was bloody brilliant," he explained to People magazine of his theory on why Ikaria residents maintain vigour even in old age. "The whole island is organic. They are not rich people. They don’t really have a national health service or anything, so if anyone gets badly ill, they just have a festival and a big rave and all the proceeds go to getting that kid to fly to Athens and getting fixed up.”

Jamie's Super Food is filled with tips for fans who are interested in extending their lifetimes.

Jamie truly enjoys helping people feel fulfilled when it comes to managing their wellbeing.

“I love putting in great little one-liners that inspire me,” he said. “If you eat a handful of nuts a day, that statistically gives you two to three years extra on the planet and 50 percent less likely to get heart disease. Just from nuts.”

Jamie's Super Food airs on America's Pivot cable network every Sunday.

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