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Jane Fonda dreams of shopping during yoga

Jane Fonda has revealed the benefits of practicing yoga, and says the exercise is "important" to show people to "be in [their] bodies".

The 75-year-old actress is currently promoting her latest project, a new yoga DVD entitled Jane Fonda: Prime Time AM/PM Yoga for Beginners.

Jane has revealed why exercise is beneficial for both the body and mind.

"Well, that’s the goal," she told Origin magazine when asked if she has a clearer mind from practicing yoga.

"You can do yoga and be thinking about going shopping. The goal is kind of like meditation, is to be totally present in your body in the moment. That’s when the most profound effects of yoga can happen. That’s what I urge people to try to do. It’s very important to be in your body."

Jane knows that her age has affected her physical abilities. The star began yoga in the mid '90s, but has since slowed down.

"I’ve had a knee replacement and a hip replacement, and pretty intensive back surgery in March - in fact, two days after I finished my DVD. I used to be very, very flexible, and I still am given my age, but I can’t do the lotus position and things like that anymore," she sighed.

"I think that what I can do and what I did is something that most people can do without fearing getting hurt.

"All the DVDs that are out there are for younger people that can turn themselves into pretzels like I used to be able to. I thought, who better than me to get back in? I think I’ve done five under the new brand Jane Fonda’s Primetime Workout. They are for Baby Boomers and older, and people who have never worked out, even if they’re younger. Everything is slower, it’s easier. It’s very, very safe, and yet it gets everything going."

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