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Jane Fonda: Exercise keeps my body intact

Jane Fonda keeps active by taking part in yoga, Pilates and hiking.

Jane Fonda's body is no longer as forgiving as it used to be, so she has to work out regularly.

The actress looks sensational at 78, though her youthful appearance isn't without hard work. To keep in good shape Jane knows she has to stay on her feet as much as possible, especially as everything is a lot more effort these days.

"I stay active, I hike, I walk, do resistance bands, Pilates and yoga - you've gotta move," she told on her secrets to staying fit. "The saying 'move it or lose it' is so incredibly true but more so especially when you're older. If you don't keep moving you go downhill really fast when you're older. Young bodies are more forgiving, so if you're not regular about working out, it doesn't show up right away but it does when you're older."

She stresses how important it is to choose exercises carefully in older age as to not put too much impact on joints and bones, so doesn't recommend taking part in "hard things" or running a marathon. No matter what though, she urges people in later life to keep moving if they want to stay on their feet for as long as possible.

Jane may realise the necessity of breaking a sweat, but learning how to enjoy it didn't come naturally as the Grace and Frankie actress previously admitted to Vogue Australia that she dreaded exercising.

"Frankly for me I don't like to work out. You know I don't wake up in the morning and say, 'Oh goodie! I am going to go workout now,'" she laughed. "The reason that motivates me is that I am going to feel so good afterwards. It's the after effect that I am going for physically. My energy is going, my blood is flowing and you know everything is moving. I also feel good because I am proud of myself - I did it! You know what I mean? That's what keeps me going."

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