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Jane Fonda: I’m bionic

Jane Fonda has spoken about the fake bones she has in her body and why Pilates still appeals.

The 77-year-old Grace and Frankie actress has been considered one of the most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood since she broke out into the industry in 1960.

And although Jane is just three years away from becoming an octogenarian, the star still loves her strong body.

“I have a fake hip, knee, thumb; more metal in me than a bionic woman, but I can still do Pilates,” she told British newspaper The Guardian.

Jane maintains her vigour by setting strict boundaries around her body care routine.

Very rarely will the L’Oréal brand ambassador even consider going without a full night’s rest.

“Looking at age from the outside is so scary. But when you’re inside age – and I’m very much inside age – it isn’t scary at all,” she explained. “You need maturity to learn this, but it’s important to figure out what you need to do for yourself every day to decompress. I meditate. And I always get eight hours’ sleep.”

Jane is the daughter of late actor Henry Fonda, who passed away in 1982 from heart disease.

She believes celebrity glamour has altered tremendously since her father’s heyday due to rampant cosmetic procedures.

“I’m two years older than my dad was when he died,” Jane said. “Katharine Hepburn was three years younger than I am now when she made that movie [On Golden Pond]. People looked older back then. I wish I were brave enough to not do plastic surgery but I think I bought myself a decade.

“The danger with surgery is you say: ‘Oh this is good, let me do more. It can be an addiction. Thirty per cent of women were sexually abused when they were young. And a woman who has been sexually abused will have a tendency to go too far. When you’re young it can be this [self harm] and when you’re older it can be plastic surgery. When I see a woman who’s made her face a mask I say: ‘I bet, I bet.’”

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