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Jane Fonda: Meditating’s a must

Jane Fonda always wears her yoga pants, except when she has a formal occasion like a business meeting.

The American star turned 77 earlier this month but is still as fit as a fiddle. She unveiled her first ever exercise video in 1982 and is set to re-release her five most popular tapes next year as DVDs and digital downloads.

She has her fitness regime down to a tee now, but wouldn’t have minded making some adjustments at an earlier age.

“I would have wanted to learn to meditate earlier. I think it would have kept me out of some trouble!” she laughed to when asked what advice she’d give her 30-year-old self. “I should have tried then, but I didn’t know how to discover and believe in my real self and not try to be what other people wanted me to be. I wrote on my birthday blog that in the last four or five months I’ve felt my confidence beginning to go and so I got back into meditating again - I’d been so busy I stopped - and the minute I started meditating again, everything got better.”

She may not take part in exercise classes anymore since having a hip replacement, a knee replacement and lower back surgery, as well as suffering from osteoarthritis, but Jane still keeps fit.

There's also the workout gear which the actress enjoys as part of the experience.

“The music is great, but also the costumes that we wore! The hair! It’s so 80s, it’s so kitschy, it’s hysterical! And the legwarmers… There is a lot of stuff that’s unique and personal and just a whole lot of fun! Fun has a lot to do with it - it makes it palatable,” she laughed of her retro videos.

“I love it! I wear my yoga pants unless I have a business lunch or something like that. You put on a nice pair of boots and they just look like dark pants. I like lululemon!”

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