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January Jones on 'ultra-modern' style

January Jones describes her wardrobe as "ultramodern and very thought-out.”

The actress has developed her appearance to counter the image of the character she plays in the hit TV series Mad Men.

January stars as Betty in the '60s advertising drama, a character who wears girdled undergarments as part of her period-fitting wardrobe.

“Most of my choices are my ultramodern and very thought-out,” January revealed to the New York Times. "[On the red carpet meanwhile] I want to do things that are shocking.”

January is known for taking risks with her wardrobe at high-profile events. As a result she has come under fire from fashion critics for some of her more unusual looks. One such ensemble was the Prabal Gurung gown she wore to the Screen Actors Guild Awards in January, which was dismissed by fashionistas.

“I wanted to go extreme in hair and make-up, like a Bowie character, maybe,” January explained. “I thought that might be a little confusing, which I like.”

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala this year January stood out from the crowd with her upside down cats eye created by make-up artist Rachel Goodwin for Chanel.

The masklike eyes prompted red carpet pundits to quip she looked like Batman or the white swan's evil double.

January ignores such criticism as she knows the commentators have no real education in styling.

“Those people don’t have degrees in fashion,” January prickled. “Why would I care what they say?”

The American star has a frugal approach to fashion. January prioritises organisation in her closet over the need to have the latest high-priced designer garment.

“I wasn’t brought up with money,” January confessed. “I don’t think I’d spend more than $150 on a shirt. I’m almost O.C.D. You will never find a piece of clothing on my floor. I can’t relax if I’m sitting in a mess.”

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