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Jason Biggs 'toning up at gym'

Jason Biggs has reportedly been spotted trying to lose a "paunch".

He was showing off a trim figure on hit Netflix show Orange Is the New Black but his role as Larry Bloom finished up last year.

Now he may have had too much time to relax, as a source told New York Post's Page Six the star was spotted "sporting a paunch" at Barry’s Bootcamp in Tribeca. According to the insider, he was being encouraged by an instructor who shouted: “Jason! You can keep running!”

The 36-year-old first rose to prominence in the American Pie franchise, which is renowned for pushing the boundaries with its humour. In 2012 it was revived for American Reunion, where Jason's character Jim Levenstein had to bare his bod in a full-frontal nude scene.

But the actor wasn't worried about any insecurities, he was more concerned about who he was watching the risqué film with.

"Yeeeaaah… I sat next to my mom at the premiere which was weird," he previously laughed to "She knew it was happening, but I warned her, I said, 'Listen mom, afterwards, especially during, don’t even look at me. I don’t want a comment. I don’t want anything!'

"Because I can just picture my mom, not on purpose, but just being like, 'Good job! That’s my boy!’ So it was just all kind of uncomfortable for me."

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