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Jason Derülo: I miss meat

Jason Derülo has found it "hard" to cut meat from his diet.

The 24-year-old singer is known for his muscles and strict work-out regimes. However, it isn't just exercise which helps Jason maintain his buff body. He also likes to mix up his diet and recently took inspiration from others to cut out a certain food.

"For the past two weeks I'd stopped eating meat all together. I got a couple of dancers that don't eat any meat and I was on the stage one day and I was like, oh my god wait a minute, these guys they're trying to upstage me with their bodies. They were starting to look different," he recalled to BBC Radio 1 breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw.

"So I was like, 'What ya'll been doin'?' And they were like, 'We stopped eating meat,' so I was like alright let me try this... And yeah, [I've been doing it] for the past two weeks. It's been kinda hard man 'cos everyone around me eats a lot of great stuff. My cousins, they eat chicken every single day. So it gets kinda hard but I'm starting to like fish even more now."

Jason was decked out in a stylish and bold ensemble for his appearance on the radio show. He wore a bright red zip-up hooded sweater covered in gold studs over a white T-shirt with a gold patch, completed with a chunky chain.

Jason was happy to explain why he chose the outfit.

"It's actually a brand that I am coming out with, it's called CLV2 with my dude Julien [Leonard]. We got a brand together... I've been rocking the gold chain thing for a while so I was like yo, why don't we just go all full gold shirt," he laughed.

"I like to wear a lot of hoodies man, I'd probably just rock a hoodie [while out] and try to hide my face as best I can."

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