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Jason Derulo: Wear crop tops!

Jason Derulo thinks sheer clothes on women only look good if they're worn "tight".

The 25-year-old singer has a hoard of female followers thanks to his buff physique and racy lyrics. But he isn't an expert on the clothing worn by his lady fans, as he was left baffled when asked what pops into his head when he hears the term 'crop tops'.

“I don’t know what that is," he admitted to People magazine before being given a description; a top which shows off the wearer's stomach.

"That's hot," he smiled.

Jason is aware of the current trend for wearing sheer clothing. He approves of the style, but only if it's worn in a certain way.

“It depends on the person,” he noted. “If you got it tight and you got it right, you should flaunt it.”

His opinion changes slightly when it comes to women's accessories. Fanny packs are not something Jason wants to see on a regular basis unless the circumstances call for it.

"If you’re going jogging, or hiking or something, but not any other time," he insisted.

Jason is an avid fan of fashion himself and has a distinct style. Earlier this year he performed at Macy’s Glamorama fashion show in Minneapolis and leading up to the event he shared his own person taste in clothes.

"If it’s daylight, I do a lot of sporty wear. A lot of baseball caps, gym shorts, a lot of sleeveless shirts," he explained. "For performances, I’ve been doing something that has more of an edge to it. I’ve been wearing a lot of snakeskin, crocodile, stuff with studs in it. I’ve been wearing a lot of white. My sense of fashion changes all the time. When somebody looks at you, they should be able to tell what kind of personality you have. My personality is a little loud."

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