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Jason Segel is 'style delight'

Jason Segel is "delightful" to style, even though it's tough to contend with his statuesque height.

The comedy actor stars as Tom Solomon in The Five-Year Engagement alongside Emily Blunt. The film's costume designer Leesa Evans says the Hollywood star was a joy to work with, although his size posed a few problems.

"Dressing Jason is delightful because he's very easy going and really communicative about what makes him feel good," she told People.

"But it's harder to find things that fit guys like him, because a lot of times certain designers don't make something for a guy his height and size. He's lucky to be 6ft. 4ins."

Jason is famed for his silly sense of humour. The 32-year-old star's joking was an obstacle to overcome for Leesa at times.

"Both Jason and [co-star] Chris Pratt are hilarious - those two would make me laugh so hard that it was actually hard to get our work done. It's constant jokes and silliness," she laughed.

"I like finding that place in guys where they feel sexy and confident, just like women. It's great getting to that point with an actor and his clothes."


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