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Jason Statham experiments with exercise

Jason Statham's best tip for a honed body is never to repeat the same workout.

The British actor is best known for playing tough guys on screen. For his roles in films like The Transporter and The Expendables franchise Jason shows off his fighting skills, as well as his lean body.

He takes his training very seriously, but has had to change things up in recent years.

"I used to train with a guy called Logan Hood. He was a machine. He was a SEAL, and my ego would push me to better him," Jason told Men's Health. "It’s no fault of his but technique and skill go out the window when you’re trying to lift heavy weights and single-rep max.

"But he went back to the military and that was a big thing for me. I had to figure out where I was going wrong. I educated myself. I started doing mobility work, figuring out how the shoulders work, how the hips work. I’m getting older now, but I feel good."

When it comes to training, Jason's biggest concern is to stay injury free. He is currently hitting the gym for new flick Mechanic: Resurrection, the follow up to the 2011 original.

To keep his body on its toes, the 47-year-old makes sure his routines are never repetitive.

"It’s all about not being bored. It’s about not doing the same thing over and over. Because your body is clever and it adapts to those things quickly. I never do the same workout twice. But I do a lot of Olympic lifting. I think the techniques you need for those moves are essential: cleans, deadlifts, overhead squats… that’s one of the best exercises ever," he admitted.

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