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Jason Sudeikis fixated on footwear

Jason Sudeikis says his collection of sports shoes keeps "multiplying".

The comedian is known for being a well-dressed gentleman and has recently been named US InStyle magazine's August Man of Style.

Jason, who is engaged to actress Olivia Wilde, confessed high-tops are his greatest wardrobe weakness.

"I wear a lot of Nikes and lot of Air Jordan specifically. I think it's 100. I've just come up with a new storage system for them. It's crazy… I had 30 for a long time, and then I would say in the past year and a half it really multiplied," Jason joked to GQ. "It's like when my mom at some point revealed to the kids that she liked penguins, so then it just became that you buy her penguin stuff every holiday. It became like that: once people knew, it was 'Oh, we'll just send him stuff'. The ones that I already have or won't really wear I gift to friends and family, or you sign a pair and give them to charity. So it works out for everyone. Luckily I'm not in a job where I have to worry about my footwear too much. Olivia is very supportive of it, having bought me a couple of pairs here and there as gifts."

Jason grew up in the Midwestern US state of Kansas and has spoken before about developing a unique dress sense as a boy.

The comedy actor donned a cardigan for his GQ interview and shared the story behind his unusual purchase.

"I got this in Colette in Paris. Olivia and I were there on vacation. There was this lime green Bathing Ape sweater and it was the last one in large and I bought it. Then we went out that night to this club, I can't remember the name, and we stayed out late. There was a lot of Jack Daniels drunk by me and by her, a lot of dancing to hip-hop. Walked home, left the sweater there. Like any decent Midwestern American though, I assume they have a lost and found, so like a real tourist I call like 4pm the next afternoon - they don't show up there until like 10pm. It's long gone. So we go back to Colette the next day to buy another and forgot it was the last large," he continued. "So I bought this instead, and I bought a small one of the green sweater so I bought it for Olivia. At least I get to see it and it looks awesome on her."

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