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Jason Sudeikis: I was a stylish kid

Jason Sudeikis' mother used to dress him up nicely for travelling.

The comedy actor stars in a special feature for the latest US edition of InStyle magazine where he is interviewed as the month's 'Man of Style'.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Jason shared his first memories of smart attire.

"My mom used to make us dress up whenever we got on a plane," he joked. "Her coming from that era where people would do that consistently. She worked in the travel industry and I think she always wanted us to look nice as she saw us as a little walking commercial for her profession. My dad always looked nice. He always liked to dress up, he thought it was better to arrive somewhere and be over dressed than under dressed."

Jason recently became engaged to actress Olivia Wilde, who is the publication's cover star. The actor discussed women's style and what he likes his fiancée to wear the most.

"It really varies. If the picture’s good, it doesn’t matter what the frame is,” he explained. “I’m very fortunate to have, for my taste and for many others, a great picture. So it doesn’t really matter what she wears. On the rare occasion, nothing at all works just as well!”

Jason likes to instruct the wardrobe department on Saturday Night Live to dress him like his favourite Hollywood icons for his sketches on the series.

He joked he likes to look like dashingly handsome actors from a bygone era.

"The wardrobe departments are always great," he smiled. "If I play a version of myself then I ask for a more updated version of an icon like Cary Grant but at 35 or a drunk Jimmy Stewart."

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