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Jason Sudeikis: I wasn't always stylish

Jason Sudeikis gets shoes for free since becoming famous.

The comedy actor is known for being a well-dressed gentleman and has recently been named US InStyle magazine's August Man of Style.

Jason grew up in the Midwestern US state of Kansas and while his peers rocked cowboy boots, he had his own distinct dress sense.

"No, but kids I went to school with certainly did [wear cowboy boots]. I was more into parachute pants and Michael Jackson jackets with lots of zippers. And I played basketball, so I had the Jordan 1’s," he laughed to Maxim magazine. "Of course, now that I have some money in the bank, I get shoes for free."

Jason is engaged to actress Olivia Wilde. He doesn't get dressed consciously thinking he'll have his picture taken, but agrees he's hounded more by photographers since meeting Olivia.

"No. But it is annoying when I want to go for a walk with my fiancée and there are three guys with cameras waiting outside my apartment," he added. "The biggest bummer is coming out of the ocean on vacation and seeing some photographer crouched behind a tree."

One of the top searches that comes up when you type Jason's name into Google is 'Jason Sudeikis shirtless'. The modest star joked this is due to his body hair rather than his sex appeal.

"Oh, God, I guess people just want to know about body-hair patterns of Midwestern males. Maybe it’s because I make it a rarity; but, I mean, it’s not like I wear a T-shirt when I go swimming," he finished.

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