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Javier's hair humour

Javier Bardem finds it humorous that many of his film characters have odd haircuts.

The Spanish actor has sported an array of looks in his various films, from light blonde as Raoul Silva in Skyfall to a mullet finish in No Country for Old Men.

Although it just happens to be a coincidence that all his roles have bizarre haircuts, Javier doesn’t doubt the importance it has in building a character.

“It’s funny because it looks like I do it on purpose but it just comes,” Javier commented to Total Film when quizzed about the different looks he sports for movies. “I was working for 18 years before No Country for Old Men and those characters, also, have very specific haircuts. It comes along with the importance of body language. The way they express and the way they want to be perceived by others. It’s different with every character.”

The 44-year-old star also finds hair plays a big role in getting to know someone. He admits he bonds better with those who are open about their appearance and are happy to talk about certain features.

“As an actor, I’m always attracted to people I can relate to, and people who have very specific things to say about themselves, whether flaws or virtues,” he explained. “The hair is part of that.”

In his latest film, The Counselor, Javier plays entrepreneur and underground drug lord Reiner. His larger than life character also sports a unique hair style, which is said to be an ode to producer Brian Grazer.

Javier believes appearance played a big part in this role as his alter ego may dress to impress but he is in fact a lot more timid than people realise.

“He’s a nightclub guy doing the wrong thing. Also, he’s a victim. He says in the movie, ‘I don’t know, I don’t want to know.’ A guy who says that doesn’t really pay attention because he thinks he’s cool,” he added. “It’s just fear. He can’t cope with anything. Especially women.”

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