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Jay Z meets with Barneys

Jay Z has given Barneys his input on how to tackle problems surrounding race.

The hip-hop star has collaborated with the shopping giant on a collection. However, the move was criticised after two African-American customers were detained by police having made expensive purchases at the store.

Jay insisted he would be continuing with the project, under the condition he has a "leadership role" when it comes to addressing racial profiling.

He has now met with bosses as part of an advisory council, giving his view on racial profiling and how the company works with police, reports WWD.

"There's cooperation there. The council is a work in progress. It's an internal advisory council that Jay Z is going to be a part of," a source confirmed to WWD.

Earlier this week Barneys issued an internal memo to its entire security staff stating it would be monitoring police who were observing its shoppers at the New York City store. A log of officers who use the store's CCTV is now being kept, while police will have to offer "a reasonable description of the individual or individuals that they wish to place under surveillance and the reason the police wish to place such individuals under surveillance" the memo apparently states.

"We recognise the need to cooperate with the NYPD as they address criminal activity in our city and within our locations. However, those needs must be balanced with ensuring that the rights of individuals are respected at all times," WWD claims an excerpt reads.

Jay Z's holiday line for Barneys is called the BNY SCC Gallery and Collection and 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Shawn Carter Foundation, which provided educational opportunities for young people.

Originally only 25 percent was to be donated, but after the race rows it was upped to the full 100.

There has also been alleged racial profiling at rival store Macy's, which prompted civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton to call for an investigation by the Attorney General.

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