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Jayma Mays wants 'crazy wedding gown' for Glee

Jayma Mays loves being a "little crazier and a little sillier" when picking out wedding dresses for her on-screen character.

The actress plays Emma Pillsbury in the hit TV show Glee. Emma and Matthew Morrison's character Will Schuester are engaged, and Jayma can't wait to have fun choosing the perfect wedding gown for the big day.

"Emma is a very simple girl, so it has to be clean, and it needs to be simple. This will be the fourth or fifth wedding dress that she's worn on the show," she laughed in an interview to People.

"Nothing will ever top picking your own wedding dress, but there is something exciting about picking one out for a character. You can be a little bit sillier, or a little bit crazier than you would be in real life."

Jayma married actor Adam Campbell in 2007.

Meanwhile, Matthew has joked about his on-screen wedding attire.

"Yes," he laughed when asked about a hazmat tuxedo, "that would be awesome."

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