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Jemima Kirke: Strong is sexy

Jemima Kirke urges women not to set themselves unrealistic body goals.

The Girls actress has opened up about her appearance in a candid new interview with website Well and Good, for which she was joined by her trainer Cadence Dubus.

Speaking about how she is now embracing her body, Jemima revealed she has struggled with her weight over the years, to the point where she was overdoing the exercise.

"I've been in that place where you're torturing yourself at the gym to be thin, I’ve done that for years," she said. "I'll tell you now: you're not going to have the body you have in mind by doing that, because it's often something totally unrealistic you saw in a magazine.

"As women, we're taught our whole lives that thin is better, that the less space we take up the better, and that being strong is not associated with being feminine."

Luckily for Jemima, Cadence holds the outlook that 'strong is feminine' and compiles her workouts to fit this notion. The star believes strength in all areas of life is more important than solely aiming to look good, and being a mother of two means she needs all the power she can muster.

Giving her best piece of advice on how women can lead a happy and healthy life, Jemima urged readers to not aim too high with their end objectives and take care of themselves while working out.

"Set a realistic goal that's something maintainable, that's conducive to your lifestyle," she advised. "Sometimes, you're going to have a hard week and be too tired to work out, and that's okay. You're human."

Jemima showed off her enviable figure earlier this week at the CFDA Fashion Awards. With her striking red skirt and matching midriff-baring top, Jemima sported unshaven armpits.

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