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Jen An ‘planning arm makeover’

Jennifer Aniston is allegedly preparing for surgery to remove excess skin from the tops of her arms.

The surgical procedure's full name is a brachioplasty and involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the upper arms.

The former Friends star is known for her svelte figure but a recent film role required her to pile on the pounds, leaving Jennifer feeling insecure with her body.

"Jen seems really bothered about the fold of skin around her armpits. She's put on a bit of weight for her latest role in Cake and apparently feels self-conscious wearing sleeveless tops," an insider revealed to British magazine Grazia.

The source also divulged that Jennifer is no stranger to surgery and even has a routine she likes to follow in order to avoid being snapped by the press.

"She'll have the operation at 4am to avoid photographers, which is her usual tactic," claimed the source.

As well as successfully getting rid of excess skin on the upper arms, the £5,000 procedure can also provide patients with a subtle breast lift thanks to a couple of extra stitches in the armpit.

This is said to be an added bonus for 45-year-old Jennifer, who has reportedly thought about breast surgery in the past.

"Jen's been toying with the idea of having her boobs done for years. But she's terrified to get a traditional uplift, as the scarring can be bad. She thinks this nip/tuck is just the thing to get her looking feeling her best," the insider said.

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