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Jen An 'strict about sleep'

Jennifer Aniston is said to worry about her skin “suffering” if she doesn’t get enough sleep.

The 45-year-old actress takes great care of her appearance and is thought to follow a strict beauty regime.

One way in which she apparently tries to maintain her youthful looks is by getting lots of shut eye. If she lacks sleep, Jennifer’s complexion is thought to be affected.

“Jennifer is obsessed with getting at least eight hours’ sleep. She knows how quickly a lack of it ages her, so she tries to get as much as possible,” a source told British magazine Look.

“It’s not easy – she’s waking up early and can’t go back to sleep. It drives her crazy as she worries if she gets less than eight hours, her skin suffers.”

Earlier this month the former Friends actress sparkled speculation that she had work done on her lips when she covered her mouth during a trip to New York. Jennifer is reportedly open to having adjustments made to her body, but is said to insist the procedures are subtle.

“She’s always had a great body but, like every star in Hollywood, she’s keen to slow down the ageing process and is on a quest for perfection,” the source added.

“Her motto is ‘little and often’. She doesn’t want to disappear for months and reappear looking totally different. Jen is very classy about the work she’s had done – it’s discreet and done by the best in the business.”

Amid these alterations, her fiancé Justin Theroux is said to think Jennifer is perfect the way she is.

“Jen could get married in a paper bag and Justin would still think she looked beautiful,” the insider explained. “He doesn’t really get why she’s so concerned with her looks, but he’s so laid back he’s happy to let Jen do whatever makes her happy.

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