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Jen An: Women look better these days

Jennifer Aniston credits new technology for helping people take care of their skin.

The 45-year-old star works hard to maintain her youthful looks and is still a sought after actress in the movie industry.

Although she has no fears of getting older, Jennifer doesn’t understand why women receive more criticism than men.

“Your age always has to be mentioned and men don’t really get that for some reason. It’s not like you see Joe Schmo, 37. Women and men today in their 40s are so much healthier than they were 30 years ago in their 40s,” she told WWD.

“It was a different time. We know how to take care ourselves. We know what to put in our bodies to fuel us that’s healthy and organic and not processed, and the importance of drinking water and cutting out sugars and bad fats. Before, we just didn’t know that, and we didn’t have the technology with skin care that we have today.”

Jennifer was named spokesperson for skin-care company Aveeno last year. Her latest involvement with the company is speaking in a video as part of its new online miniseries. Her episode is titled The Beauty of Nature, Active Naturals Oat for Your Skin.

“The mini movie is basically just informing the audience on what is behind Aveeno products and how they are made and where they come from and the detail that they pay [attention to in terms of] what goes into the products,” Jennifer explained.

“What I learned about is how they make the products, the farm that they go to in Canada, the climate and the importance of the soil and how they get that oat from being an oat in the field to being in a bottle.”

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