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Jen An's quick hair decision

Jennifer Aniston "loves" her new hair cut, says her personal stylist Chris McMillan.

The We're the Millers star has always been famous for her locks, including the notorious Rachel cut while she was in Friends.

Her personal hairdresser Chris McMillan says the star has once again decided to change her sun-kissed tresses, although this time it was a spontaneous decision.

“Jen cut her hair because she wanted a change. It was a spur of the moment decision but she’s really happy with it.

“It’s common to be unsure about a major hair change right after it happens. You look in the mirror for a week or so and forget you look different! It was definitely an adjustment but she loves it," Chris smiled to People.

Jennifer recently told Britain's Elle magazine that she often misses her long tresses once she goes for the chop.

She laughed that she was "trying really hard" to love her new style, but was spotted with new extensions in her hair a few weeks ago.

“The extensions were just for a project she was working on. She's only had them for a few days while shooting," Chris clarified.

Jennifer's hair is not just a style statement, but also a valuable commodity to the 45-year-old actress.

She's the face, as well as an investor, of hair care company Living Proof.

Chris believes that changing hair styles can reflect a person's personality and what they do with the locks can convey a deeper meaning.

Although he does counteract that the hair rules in Hollywood are totally different from anywhere else in the world.

"A haircut often conveys someone’s personality. If they just get a trim regularly then they are often consistent, have found a style that works with them and sticks to it. For someone who gets dramatically different cuts every time, they are often more spontaneous and like to try new things.

"However, none of this is true in Hollywood where hair, like clothing and make-up, changes for roles, particular special events or just to create a new look!” he laughed.

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