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JenAn talks beauty myths

Jennifer Aniston has revealed the worst beauty myths which she has succumbed to.

The former Friends star is famed for her glossy locks and prompted many fans to request 'The Rachel' at their hairdressers', the sleek style named after her character Rachel Green.

She's still a style icon now and has revealed the biggest beauty myths which she's succumbed to over the years.

"[I was told] Preparation H [haemorrhoid cream] is good for swollen eyes," she cringed to

"Of course I did it! It didn't work, it just smelled funny... Something was just wrong. And mayonnaise in the hair... that's just disgusting."

Jennifer, 45, has great skin and swears by natural products.

She's the ambassador for skincare brand Aveeno, which doesn't use chemicals.

"Skincare just came to me. I started using [natural products] as a teen. It was the accessible, affordable way and it worked," she explained.

"Every time I would dip into these fancier, hoity-toity bottles of potions I would find my skin rebelling."

The actress continued to reveal her skincare routine, which she describes as "simple" and involves washing her face, then applying moisturiser and sunscreen.

Jennifer also looks after her general wellbeing with yoga and meditation.

"I just feel like it's a kick start for your day. It centres you, your stress levels are down and you interact in the world in a much easier way.

"There's a peaceful joy that comes over. If I go through a phase where I slip off and am not as religious about it, I feel it," she said.

In recent comedy flick We're The Millers, Jennifer appears in her lingerie for her role as a stripper.

She's up for the best shirtless award at the MTV Movie Awards this year, with Zac Efron, Chris Hemsworth, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sam Claflin as her competitors.

"It's pretty funny! Zac might be tough [competition]... I hope I do [win]; I gotta have goals," she joked.

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